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Acrylic is a transparent plastic material with outstanding strength, stiffness, and optical clarity. It's a good alternative for glass. The opacity acrylic board can be used for the surface decoration of the frame. The acrylic frames for pictures is popular for its frameless and minimalist design. The clear "floating" style is the iconic way of the acrylic frames for pictures to make a statement. It's one of the clean and modern accents among the home decor.

The frame is not only a home accessory that keeps the memory alive but also a great gift for housewarming, birthday, holiday. Tianning photo frame provides a perfect place to store your precious memories and remind you of the place you have been and the person you won’t ever forget.

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We are an FSC approved manufacturer with over 20 years of history. We can manufacture custom wood crafts. Our product markets include the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In addition to having our own online e-commerce business, we also have longstanding relationships with commercial agents such as harbortown and Hobby Lobby. At the same time, we have long provided products for Fortune 500 groups such as Wal-Mart, Target, TJ MAXX, etc. Not only do we have strong production strength and quality products, we have also helped many of my top sellers build online businesses on Amazon, shopify, and Big C as well.

Characteristics Of Acrylic Picture Frame

The Magnetic Acrylic Photo Frame has 2-4 pieces of magnets to attract the opposite one on another side of the acrylic board tightly. The magnet feature makes it easier to change photos of the display. The freestanding acrylic photo frame is fixed by wood standing that provides stable support for the photo. Apart from the table acrylic photo frame, the wall frame features 4 screws to fix the photo safely. The hanging hardware is included in the package for wall installation. All of the acrylic frames are fragile-free.

What Thickness Acrylic For Picture Frames?

What Thickness Acrylic For Picture Frames?
The thickness of wall hanging acrylic frame is up to 0.24 inch while the table frame is up to 1.2 inch or thicker to provide stable standing.

How To Hang Acrylic Picture Frame?

Firstly, you need to envision your gallery wall, leveling the back mount against the wall. Then make the indentation by screwing the drilling holes or hammering the nails into the mount point. Alternatively, you can fix the hook on the wall then hang the frame over the hook.

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