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The wood lounge chair design is not only stylish but also elegant. The wooden lounge chair boasts a minimalist design style, burlywood hues, elegant armrests, incorporating natural design concepts. The folding lounge chairs are perfect for entertaining friends in the backyard and enjoying weekend gatherings. The matching rattan and linen add comfort and beauty to the chair. The width and depth of the seat are ergonomic. The modern wood lounge chair is a wonderful addition to any room such as the living room, bedroom, and so on. Perfectly match with your taste.

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Tianning Wood Lounge Chair Wholesale Manufacturer

As an FSC certified manufacturer of wooden lounge chairs. We are an environmentally friendly business and the wood used to make the wooden lounge chair comes from sustainably managed forests. Our customers come from all over the world, such as Fortune 500 companies TJ MAXX, Walmart and Target, as well as orders from Europe and Oceania. Our wooden lounge chairs have hand made cane wooden lounge chairs and scandinavian lounge chairs.

How To Make A Wooden Lounge Chair?

The lounge chair frame is finely crafted with hardwood such as ash, oak, teak, etc. The materials are from completely constructed wood, featuring sturdiness, durability  with retro finishing. The upholstery materials are sourced from leather, rattan, and fabric.

What Wood Are Wooden Chairs Made Of?

Lounge wooden chair can be built from any wood available. For fine furniture, the hardwoods are the best choice, but some of the most comfortable chairs are built from some of the softest woods. Some of the hardwood chairs take special blades, while most of the softer woods can be used with any tools available to the handyman. If you are going to build a mission-style chair, use hardwood. For an Adirondack-style chair, go with soft.

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