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Tianning has renowned for its joinery product for years. We're the experts in all things furniture. Our dinning table items are supported by various structures such as trestle, pedestal or legs. The table top materials are fully customized with wood veneer, stone, glass, metal, plastic and laminate. Tianning's good quality dinning table items will be sturdy and well-made, with a finish that withstands heavy use and shows little obvious wear.

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We were established in 1999, with more than 20 years of industry experience and our own production factory. We can provide customized products at competitive prices. Certified by the FSC, we are an environmentally friendly wood dinning table manufacturer. Our long-term clients include Fortune 500 companies such as TJ MAXX, Walmart and Target. In addition, we have dedicated US importers harbortown and Hobby Lobby. Our industrial chain is very complete.

Characteristics Of Dinning Table

The dining room takes on a new role in many homes. It became our home office, homeschooling zone, and arts and crafts space, as well as the place where we ate our meals.

What Are The Different Types Of Dinning Table Styles?

What Are The Different Types Of Dinning Table Styles?
Traditional style is still the most common you'll find when shopping for dining tables. With elegantly carved wood, detailed textures, and rich proportions, this style is timeless and powerful.

Modern style evokes a graceful mixture of utility and aesthetics that flourished beginning in the 20th century, with clean lines and sharp angles framing unfussy surfaces. This table brings a thin, airy element to any room.

Rustic style utilizes unpainted wood in more natural, hand-carved shapes for a simplistic, back-to-nature feel that is popular in cabins and cottages across the country. Our featured example has a rounded log-style frame beneath a soft edged flat table top.

Industrial style is meant to convey the look and feel of factory machinery and tools, with naked metal and bold, strong wood shapes paired into a purposeful look. Our example table features a crossed I-beam frame and natural hardwood tabletop.

Shaker furniture is defined by a direct focus on simplicity and utility, bereft of unnecessary embellishment. Our example table in natural wood tone features a solid rectangular construction, simple lines, and a matching set of dining room chairs.

Contemporary design can appear in a wide variety of looks, so long as they meaningfully present an "of the now", up to date appearance. Contemporary tables can be found in every type of material and every shape configuration. Our example features an all white circular construction from the base up to the tabletop.

How To Find A Certain Dining Table?

The dinning table items will be both seen and utilized more than a lot of home furniture, so buy dinning set would be in the first priority of home decor. The perfect dinning table items including these several aspects which you need to consider carefully before making decision. The overall shape of your table should be the first consideration. Once you've decided on a shape, the materials and style may follow. The final element of important consideration when shopping for a new dining table is style.

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