Luoyang Tianning Wood Co., Ltd.
Luoyang Tianning Wood Co., Ltd.
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Tianning Wood Wood Decorative Accents And Wall Decor

As a home decor maker, Luoyang Tianning Wood Co., Ltd. was solely invested by Ningbo Zhenhai Tianen frame Co., Ltd in 2006 has leading experience in medium-high-end wooden hardware. Our factories in Ningbo and Luoyang own 15,000 square meters of wood decorative accents workshops, mechanized wood decorative accents production lines, and more than 500 technicians with an annual wood decorative accents output value of more than 12 million US dollars in total.

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Our OEM work start from materials and than finishes, crafts, texture, all of the perception views, and finally reach to the certain design language or style base on our wood decorative accents. Based on this, we developed into a professional manufacturers of home decor accessories.
Wood is a type of important material for human beings since ancient. The physical characteristics include good strength, rigidity, malleability, toughness, and insulating properties that allow the wood to be widely used in wood decorative accents constructions. Meanwhile, it also has an aesthetic function that can spread beauty by visual or touch.
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Tianning Wood Philosophy
  • Philosophy Of Tianning Home Decor Items

    Our philosophy is that wood decorative accent is another way to bring us back to nature by feeling touching and perception of wood decorative accents so that we are keen on fusing the material, textures, and craftsmanship on the wood decorative accents

  • Mission Statement Of Tianning Home Decor Items

    We believe that every wood decorative accent is unique, instead of industrialized line production, it's more like a merge of manual skills and art. By combining functionality and aesthetics, we want to express our core value, the harmony between wood and life to our customers

  • Style Of Tianning Home Decor Items

    The wood decorative accents R&D of Tianning prioritizes minimalist and elegant design for a cozy and modern lifestyle. Meanwhile, the wood decorative accents collection is designed integrated to accommodate your customized home style.

What Clients Say

Tianning wood provides the picture frames and wood decorative accents that we are always looking for, exquisite handiwork, creative design, and reliability.

Stones He
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Their wood decorative accents collections have very strong personalities and can always catch my eyes no matter at a fair or exhibition.

Katelyn Thomas
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Tianning focuses on wood decorative accents craftsmanship, reflecting carefully on proportion and the choice of material, and integrating the ideas of landscape and portrait in the design process.

Lisa Ardouin
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