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Tianning mirror frame designs in wood, the collection features artesian style with mdf frame finished in natural varnished wood veneer or solid wood with silver mirrored glass. Can be perfectly fixed to a wall either vertically or horizontally. We supply all kinds of the size, shape, texture for the wooden mirror. They are square, rectangle, mantel, oval, round shapes of mirror to fit in any place of your home. The various texture such plank, rustic, jewelry,rope garnishment can add more accents to your home decor. The wall mirror fit in any open space either in washroom, bedroom or living room. The standing mirror or Armoire mirror can be freely fit in and open ground with more flexibility and functionality that can be used as home storage.

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Our clients include Walmart, Target, TJ MAXX and other Fortune 500 groups. Harbortown and Hobby Lobby are our long-term importers. Our products are sold all over the world, mainly in Europe, the United States, Australia and Canada. Our products have been approved by FSC. We have our own online business. We also help many high-quality sellers on Amazon and Shopify to expand their online business.

How To Mount A Mirror In A Wood Frame?

How To Mount A Mirror In A Wood Frame?
The hangers come installed on the back with a Sawtooth hook or D-Ring that will keep the wood frames for mirrors flat and free hanging. There is two types of mounting method for the object. The light object is fixed with nails and hung onto the nail with the hook. The heavy object is supposed to anchor into the wall and be consolidated by screwed nails.

How To Measure For Wood Framed Mirror?

The wood frame mirrors can be measured in two aspects. The first is the size of the mirror itself. We use diameter to measure round mirrors or height and width to measure other shapes. The second is the size of the frame. It is usually illustrated by the width and thickness of the frame. The reason why the size is that important is not only because it gives you the clue of the size it really is but also an important factor for us to give a precise factory quote to you.  

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