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Tianning has renowned for its joinery product for many years. We're the experts in all things furniture. Our tables are constructed of high-quality woods, including solid oak, ash, pine and other durable materials that are designed to last. Many of our wood finishes are stains to let the woods' beauty shine. The exclusive designs combine function and aesthetic and, with proper care, provide many years of use. Our nightstands feature a combination of open and closed storage. Many have drawers that easily slide out on a variety of glides.

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Why Choose Tianning Custom Bedside Table Wholesale Supplier

Our customers come from all over the world, we have customers from America, Europe and Australia. We are an FSC certified manufacturer enterprise. We work with Fortune 500 companies, such as TJ MAXX, Walmart and Target, so if you're in the US, you can buy our products at any Walmart. We offer various styles of wood nightstands such as modern, mid century and classic.

Characteristics Of Nightstands

A night stand is a small table or cabinet that usually sits beside a bed. It can serve as a convenient spot to place a lamp or alarm clock, to store books or to set down a glass of water. A nightstand is an essential piece of furniture that is functional and helps a bedroom feel finished. The majority of our nightstands are part of bigger collections. With coordinating wardrobes, dressers, chest and bed frames, they make a bedroom feel complete. We have nightstands with a single drawer or two drawers. There are also options with a single or two lower shelves to hold books, magazines or to display favorite objects.

Why Is It Called A Nightstand?

Why Is It Called A Nightstand?
Nightstands are placed near the bed to hold things and typically used at night.

Should A Nightstand Be Taller Than Bed?

Many people prefer to have a night stand that's about the same height as their mattress for easy access. However, if you like to read in bed, you may prefer a slightly taller nightstand so that you can position a lamp to shine over your shoulder and onto the pages of your book or magazine. A slightly shorter nightstand can have a chic, modern look. Many of our nightstands are the standard rectangular shape so they tuck compactly next to the bed.

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