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Tianning's bathroom mirror is wonderfully made from sturdy, quality stainless steel frame. We use 4mm silver-backed floating glass can prevent warping and distortion.

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With Fortune 500 group clients such as Walmart, Target, TJ MAXX and long-term cooperative commercial agents or importers such as harbortown and Hobby Lobby, we are an FSC approved manufacturer. Our products are exported to markets such as the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia. In the era of e-commerce, we have managed to make top sellers like Amazon, shopify and Big C grow their online business.

Characteristics Of Metal Mirror

Metal Frames Mirror is eternal to resist humidity and can stay unchanged over times.

How Do You Make A Metal Mirror?

How Do You Make A Metal Mirror?
Our high clarity metal frames mirror consists of metal frame, thicker glass and silver backing. The whole procedure normally takes more than 50 steps. Here we concentrate them into short DIY procedure to give a clear clue of making a mirror made of metal. HD glass backed with silver and black coatings and protected by MDF board. To make a metal frame is a welding project, we use metal bandsaw to cut the steel into 4 bar pieces and weld them head by head together. Use angle grinder to polish the edge of the frame and clean it up by acetone. By finishing the instructions above we are ready to make a mirror made of metal.

How To Measure Metal Mirror Like Irregular Mirror?

The measurement for irregular mirror is same as normal mirror. The three dimension including width, height and depth. The results obtained by point to point measurement in horizontally, vertically.

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