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Wholesale Inlaid Wood Picture Frames in Bulk

The idea for the marquetry photo frame origin from a set of pictures captured by Chinese satellite Jilin-1. The view from space depicted epic scenes of mountains and rivers with marvelous hues and texture. These colors are purely art pieces by Mother Nature. The picture of the upstream of the yellow river shows the charming mixture of jade and jasper river and greenbelt, marble river bed, and brown sandy ground. The landscape from Danxia gives coarse texture with beige and red tones which were formed more than 65 million years ago. Based on this, Inlaid wood picture frame came into being.

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  • Inlaid Wood Picture Frames
  • wholesale inlaid wood picture frames
  • wood inlay frame wholesale
  • Inlaid Wood Picture Frames
  • wholesale inlaid wood picture frames
  • wood inlay frame wholesale

Cheap Custom Inlaid Wood Picture Frames in Bulk From China Wholesale Suppliers

The light yellow rugged picture is captured on the holistic view of Taklamakan desert which is the largest one in China. There is a crimson tune with a crease texture picture shot above the mountain of flame in Xinjiang China. The beautiful blue lagoon with emerald trim is also known as Qinghai Lake. We extract these elements from the satellite pictures and infuse them with wood frames to create Marquetry picture frames. Because we believe the natural landscape is the best frame for the people who live on this planet. The uneven, asymmetry pattern gives your image extra color and texture, yet simple enough not to detract. The innovative, simple frames are a favorite for framing the landscape, photos, snapshots, art, certificates, and more. Each marquetry picture frame includes glass, backing, and a sawtooth hanger.

Specification Of Our Personalised Inlaid Wood Picture Frames

Product: Gaea wood picture frame

Style: Modern, Neutral, home decor

Product Type: Solid Wood Photo Frame 

Mounting Type: wall, tabletop

Material: Poplar, Pine, Acrylic, Marble

Size: 4*6, 5*7, 8*10, other sizes as required 

Color: natural wood inlay with gradient ore hue

Design: Acrylic (Marble) ornamental

Inspiration: Images from the satellite

Outlook: Rectangular 

Sample: accepted

Country of Origin: China

Model: TNX0048 

The color of texture vary from purple Yellow River(Yellow), Danxia Landform(Red), Taklamakan(Gold), Mountain of Flame (Crimson), Qinghai Lake(Blue), Dongting Lake(Jasper)

Features Of Marquetry Photo Frames

About this item: Come with easy opening tabs at the back. The backside has a wall hanger to display (Landscape & Portrait) on the wall as well as Tie Stand for the tabletop in your home or office.

Fully Handmade with minimal machinery tools application Photo Frames Made of Poplar Wood (hacking Board & Tie Stand ) & Acrylic (Marble) Inlay (Front). Because of the differentiation of inlay material’s texture and color tune, every piece of Gaea frame may have a slight difference and make it a unique one.

They come with ULTRA-TRANSPARENT PLEXIGLASS – A perfect addition to your photo frame as it ensures you can see your photo or picture extremely clear

We are pursuing more of fulfilling an idea with creativity than a piece of decoration. This series of inlaid wood picture frames are designed with inspiration from nature. we hope to deliver this idea to you as well to enlighten more. 

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