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Arts and crafts have a subtle influence on the packaging design of modern jewelry boxes

I. The influence of arts and crafts on natural wood jewellery boxes

The classification of arts and crafts is relatively simple, with the main categories being display crafts and everyday crafts. The arts and crafts are complex and diverse, but the main characteristic is that they are all richly humanistic and are therefore widely loved by people. The creation of art began at the dawn of mankind, and the ability to perceive the charms of nature is an innate ability that does not need to be learned or taught. From the earliest days of labour the idea of artistic creation emerged, and the improvement and advancement of the tools of production in ancient times not only demonstrated the increase in productivity and standard of play, but was also an important expression of people's talent for design and aesthetic thought.

This can be seen in the many excavated ancient artefacts, where an important feature of the progress of material culture in the Neolithic period was the production of a variety of beautifully shaped and distinctive pottery, an important expression of the full integration of art in the real life of the home decorative arts and crafts. In the Bronze Age, the various types of bronze artefacts excavated can be seen to have reached a new level of development in the arts and crafts, and it is evident that the technical level of the various types of bronze works at the time continued to be pure, with a richer range of shapes and decorations, and it is clear that the production techniques were well honed.

Ⅱ, the maintenance of natural wood jewellery boxes

Natural wood jewellery boxes must be kept in a place with air circulation, especially in the rainy season, the air is humid, it is easy to produce moisture on the surface, moisture is not conducive to the protection of jewellery, so wooden jewellery boxes should be placed in a place with air circulation. If you get the surface of your wooden jewellery box wet, remove the moisture from the surface immediately with your hands or a cloth and blow dry in a cool, dry place.

Do not let the wooden jewellery box be exposed to direct sunlight, as the temperature will increase and soften the jewellery of some materials, so avoid direct sunlight. Do not place it with acid and alkaline chemicals to avoid corrosion of the wooden jewellery box and jewellery. Stains or other marks on natural wood jewellery boxes can be lightly wiped with a cloth, but it is important to avoid moisture penetrating the interior of the box. It must not be stored under heavy pressure to avoid deformation or even damage.

Wooden jewellery box correct maintenance, not only will extend the life of the wooden jewellery box, more or to protect the jewellery, if you use the wooden jewellery box due to the lack of maintenance, not only home decorative wooden jewellery box itself greatly reduced the impact, but also reduce the grade of the jewellery, more is to reduce the taste of girls.

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