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Features and Installation Steps of Solid Wooden Dining Chairs

We all know that the solid wooden dining chair is a table for dining made of solid wood as the main material. Generally speaking, furniture made of solid wood is rarely mixed with other materials, because it is rarely used from the main material and auxiliary materials, and generally its four legs and panels are solid wood. Let us introduce the characteristics and installation steps of solid wooden dining chairs.

1. The characteristics of solid wooden dining chairs

The editor learned that some solid wooden dining chairs may have only three legs or more than four legs, but generally four are the main ones, and the connection between the other four legs is through holes between each column of the four legs. Of course, there are also a few that combine the two through other materials, such as glue and nails. The solid wooden dining chair is a healthy product of nature, so it is naturally a big feature of the solid wooden dining chair, while the natural wood grain looks more natural and the color is not overly decorated, because it is not wrapped by external chemicals, So it doesn't emit those toxic carbon dioxide, and it's healthier to eat.

2. The installation steps of solid wooden dining chairs

Preparation of tools: Good solid wood furniture not only allows us to feel it in use, but also allows us to experience the unique fun when installing solid wood furniture. Just like playing with a model, step by step ingenuity. However, the installation of solid wood furniture can be very different from playing with models. First of all, we need to prepare the necessary installation tools for installation. Common solid wood furniture installation requires a cross, a flat-blade screwdriver, an open-end wrench, a tape measure, iron pliers, a rubber hammer, etc. The troops and horses have not moved, and the food and grass will go first. Preparing the tools for installing solid wood furniture is a necessary part of furniture installation.

Site selection: Choosing a good environment for the installation of solid wood furniture also plays a decisive factor in the impact of the installation quality. The uneven ground is easy to cause the furniture skeleton to tilt, affect the scale measurement of the tape measure, and the gap between the various parts of the furniture, and the humidity of the environment also has a great impact on the installation of solid wood furniture. If the ambient humidity is too high, such as rainy days, it is easy for water vapor to enter the solid wood connecting surfaces and metal fixing devices of various parts of the furniture during the installation of solid wood furniture, which makes the furniture susceptible to moth-eaten, mildew and rust. When installing solid wood furniture, the ground should also be protected by soft materials to avoid scratches and scratches.

Installation of solid wooden dining chairs : First, you can buy your favorite dining chairs in the store that sells furniture, and then ask the installer to come to install the service, so that you can avoid the dilemma that you will not install it yourself. Just need to pay attention that when transporting solid wooden dining chairs, you need to wrap the corners of the dining chairs with anti-friction foam, so that there will be no damage in use, which is good for both buyers and sellers. When installing, the decorator can install it according to the installation steps in the manual, and it needs to be fixed with special screws. During the installation process, the strength must be consistent, because the wooden dining chair will be damaged if it is too strong.

The above is the whole content of the characteristics and installation steps of solid wooden dining chairs that we have introduced to you. Also, please note that solid wooden dining chairs cannot be exposed to direct sunlight. The position should not be placed in a place where the sun is hot, otherwise the table top of the dining chair will be easily damaged, lose its gloss, and will seriously peel off the surface of the dining chair.

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