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The Characteristics and Purchasing Knowledge of Solid Wood Photo Frames

A warm home can only be built by the owner's careful layout. In addition to the daily furniture and home appliances, some small details are also very important. For example, using a photo frame to display the photos we often take, so that we can always recall the beautiful moments we have left. Then, the solid wood photo frame is our theme today, let's take a look at the solid wood photo frame and the knowledge of the purchase of solid wood photo frame!

1. The wood is the raw material of solid wood photo frames

At present, the common materials are fir, pine, oak, paulownia, oak and so on. The most commonly used are fir; pine and catalpa. The general solid wood photo frame shapes are rectangle, square, circle, heart, oval and other special shapes. The most common is the rectangle. In terms of styles, there are common desktop, vertical, hanging. The most common is a small desktop.

2. The characteristics of solid wood photo frames

The reason why the solid wood photo frame is so popular is because it is not only simple and elegant, but also retro, artistic, full of pastoral atmosphere, and the solid wood photo frame is very versatile, no matter your life photos or art photos, use it to display, can give You bring a fresh and natural feeling and let you indulge in good memories.

3. The purchase of solid wood photo frames

Before purchasing a solid wood photo frame, let's first understand its type, which is generally divided into two types: solid wood painting and solid wood spray paint. Solid wood coating: Cut the frame into a frame with a precision saw. After the photo frame is formed, coat the frame with a layer of plaster, and then spray a layer of paint. Mainly used for mounting calligraphy and painting, Chinese painting, oil painting, etc. Solid wood spray painting: After the frame is formed, it is repeatedly polished with fine sand, then sprayed with primer, and then manually polished with sandpaper and sprayed with topcoat. There are two aspects to pay attention to when purchasing solid wood picture frames:

(1) The thickness of the photo frame is at least 1.8 cm thick. The same two photo frames are made of solid wood. The price may be a lot of photo frames. Then compare the thickness of the photo frames. Many merchants use blind methods to blind consumers.

(2) There are many types of photo frame glass, and quartz high-definition glass is the best choice, because quartz high-definition glass has high definition, friction resistance, and remains bright as new for a long time, but quartz high-definition glass is relatively fragile. Another point to pay attention to is the back panel of the photo frame. Check whether the back panel is fully functional, such as wall-mounted hooks and brackets.

The solid wood photo frame is natural, environmentally friendly and simple and generous. It is very good to use it to display photos. The above is about how to buy solid wood photo frames and the purchase of solid wood photo frames, I hope to bring you some help.

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