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What is the Production Process of Acrylic Photo Frame?

Acrylic modern photo frame is one of the more popular photo frames on the market now, which has great advantages over glass and plastic photo frames. There are many styles of acrylic photo frames, and the price is not expensive. It is the first choice for many people when buying photo frames.

1. The advantages of acrylic photo frame

The advantage of the acrylic photo frame is that it has good oxidation resistance and can be placed in each space without damage. In the production process, different colors can be added according to the needs, so that the acrylic photo frame has more styles and choices. Compared with ordinary glass photo frames, acrylic photo frames have great advantages in shaping. They can have a variety of modeling options during production, and will not consume excess materials, and the yield of photo frames will not be reduced. The finished acrylic photo frame is not as fragile as glass and is easy to store. Compared with plastic photo frames, acrylic photo frames have better light transmittance, can be dust-proof when in use, and are easy to clean. Because the acrylic photo frame is not fragile, it is also better in resistance and will not produce large-scale fragments.

2. Acrylic photo frame production process

(1) Cutting: First determine the size and shape of the acrylic photo frame, and cut according to the size and shape. The laser is used for cutting, and the energy released by the laser irradiation melts the acrylic plate to cut the required shape. This cutting method is very prepared, and it can be polished after cutting.

(2) Drilling holes with a drilling machine: According to the designed position, locate the punching position of the acrylic modern picture frames and make holes. This step usually uses a CNC machine, which does not require manual drilling. As long as the specific size is input into the CNC machine, the machine can automatically position and punch the hole after placing the acrylic photo frame, which is very convenient.

(3) Polishing: Polishing is to make the acrylic photo frame better in appearance and feel, and it also reflects the high quality of the product. Generally, acrylic photo frames are polished with traditional polishing or cloth wheel polishing.

(4) Hot bending: Hot bending is to make the curve of the acrylic photo frame more in line with the demand. Specifically, multiple acrylic photo frames can be hot bent and shaped at the same time by the hot bending machine and the shaping mold to improve the efficiency. If it is just a simple single-line or parallel-line hot bending, you can use the stereotype to control the angle.

(5) Bonding: Bonding is an important process for acrylic photo frames. All parts that need to be bonded should be aligned and the bonding should be firm, otherwise it will affect the overall beauty and normal use of the acrylic photo frame.


(6) Assembling: Assemble other accessories with the main acrylic to form a complete acrylic modern photo frame that can be used normally. After assembling, do a test on the whole, and you can prepare for packaging if there is no problem.

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