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Water-based Paint is the Best Choice for Wooden Dining Chairs

In the home furnishing market, affordable wooden dining chairs have always been one of the wooden furniture favored by consumers. Whether it is your own dining room, living room, or restaurants and hotels of various grades, simple and elegant wooden dining chairs can be seen everywhere. Wooden dining chairs also account for a considerable proportion of furniture sales. Therefore, with the vigorous development of wooden dining chair manufacturers, it is very important to develop products such as coatings and colorants suitable for wooden dining chair coatings in the furniture market.

1. Solvent-based wood coatings commonly used for wooden dining chairs

At present, solvent-based wood coatings commonly used for wooden dining chairs include polyurethane (PU) paint, nitro (NC) paint, alkyd paint, unsaturated polyester (PE) paint, ultraviolet curing (UV) paint, acid curing ( AC) paint, etc. Medium-scale dining chair manufacturers mostly adopt assembly line production, which is characterized by high production efficiency, stable product quality, and short delivery time intervals after receiving orders from furniture factories. This determines that the coating for wooden dining chairs needs to have the following characteristics: easy to use, fast drying, fast odor disappearing, etc.

Both PU paint and PE paint are reaction-curing systems, and there is a problem of service life in the process of use; UV paint is also a multi-component system, which requires special ultraviolet light source irradiation to react and form a film, and wood products with complex shapes are not suitable for use; AC paint Slow drying, unsatisfactory paint film performance; alkyd paint is slow drying, etc. None of the above types of coatings are suitable for coating wooden dining chairs. At present, NC paint is the most commonly used for wooden dining chairs. NC paint is a one-component physical drying film-forming coating, and it has good resistance to daily chemicals.

2. Application of water-based paint on wooden dining chairs

However, with the country's emphasis on environmental protection and the improvement of customer requirements, furniture factories have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection of coatings. Because NC paint produces a large amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) during use, it causes great pollution to the environment, and also causes a large amount of energy consumption and waste, and is easy to burn and explode. The application of water-based wood coatings has been rapidly developed. develop. Compared with solvent-based coatings, water-based wood coatings have the following advantages: the solvent used is mainly water, which greatly eliminates the risk of fire during construction; it only contains a small amount or does not contain low-toxic alcohol ethers Organic solvents improve the construction environment of the factory and reduce air pollution during construction; most of them are single-component types, and the construction method is simple; they can be directly coated on wet surfaces containing water or in humid environments. Good applicability and strong coating adhesion; coating tools can be cleaned directly with water, which greatly reduces the consumption of cleaning solvents and plays a role in energy saving and consumption reduction.

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