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Knowledge About the Dinning Table

The restaurant is a space for people to enjoy food in the family. The warm and comfortable dining environment can not only enhance the appetite but also make people relax and feel the romance and warmth brought by the family environment. The reasonable placement of restaurant furniture can create a harmonious dining environment, promote family harmony, and make family life full of happiness. And the dining table is especially important as the core stock of the restaurant. Choosing a good-looking dining table makes every day's meal more exciting.

Ⅰ. Materials of dinning table

Wooden dinning table

According to the type of wood, solid wood can be divided into many kinds, such as the popular spade, white oak, ebony and so on. One of the great advantages of wooden dinning tables is that they are environmentally friendly and durable. The texture of the wood is very fine, colored, and very durable, but it is not easy to clean.

Stone dining table

There are also many types of stone, such as marble, burnt stone, slate stone and other stones. Marble is also a commonly used material for home improvement. The surface is smooth, the material is hard, it is not easy to damage, it is easy to clean, and it is very textured and looks super high!

Glass dining table

The surface of the glass dining table is smooth and relatively easy to clean, but the glass is too bright and does not have the texture of the other two, so it is not suitable for a large dining table, but the price of glass is relatively moderate, and it is more suitable for families with ordinary economic conditions.

Ⅱ. The design of dinning table

Rectangle: Nowadays, most households generally use rectangular dining tables, which are more versatile. But pay attention to the distance between the two sides of the chair, you can refer to the following dimensions.

Square: The style of the square dining table is generally small and suitable for a family of 2-4. If the square is too large, it will not have the delicate sense of its own shape, which is a must for small households.

Circular: The circular or oval shape requires a lot of space. The traditional Chinese-style round dining table is generally used for large apartments. The shape is relatively simple, and the arc of the circle is also very design.

Deck: Now more and more families are popular to set the deck between the kitchen and the dining room as a partition, one is to make good use of the space, and the other is to have a very sense of design, which increases the storage space in the family.

Ⅲ. How to choose a dining table?

1. Appropriate size: When choosing a dining table, the first thing to consider is the size of the restaurant. Measure the size before purchasing. For a family with a limited area, it should be based on the family population. If the population is large but the space is limited, you can choose foldable dining table.

2. Determine the style: When choosing, you must consider the style and conform to the overall decoration style. If it is a luxurious decoration, you can choose the classical European style. If it is a simple decoration, you can choose a modern solid wood dining table.

3. Consider the shape: The shape of the dining table has a certain impact on the family atmosphere. For families who often have dinner together, a rectangular dining table can be chosen, and if family members are united, a round dining table can be chosen. If there are fewer family members And when you are young, you can choose a dining table with a special shape to increase the taste of life.

4. Consider the weight: The dining table and chairs may be moved frequently, so do not choose a dining table that is too bulky to avoid unnecessary troubles in life.

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