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What Are The Five Most Popular Types Of Craft Photo Frames?

Photo frames are born for packaging photos, and are also a very popular way of home decoration in recent years. Photo frames are used to frame memories and make people taste happiness and sweetness. Due to the continuous improvement of the technical level, various craft photo frames have appeared on the market. Today, let Xiaobian recommend some types of photo frames for everyone to see what types of craft photo frames are available. Let's take a look together.

Craft photo frame type one: PS photo frame (foam photo frame)

This photo frame is made of polymer materials, which are processed by high-tech and special technology. The surface of the photo frame can be designed according to any color or texture that customers want. This custom photo frame has the characteristics of moisture-proof, moth-proof, and not easy to deform. It can save the earth's resources and protect the natural environment. It is a completely environmentally friendly home decoration product.

Craft photo frame type two: PVC photo frame

The photo frame made of PVC has the characteristics of bright color, corrosion resistance, firmness, and durability. Due to the addition of plasticizers and anti-aging agents in the manufacturing process, it has heat resistance, good toughness, and strong ductility. A synthetic material of love, it is also the second most used in the world.

Craft photo frame type three: wooden photo frame

The most common is the wooden photo frame, there are many kinds of wooden materials, including sandalwood, pine, oak, fir, and so on. The most commonly used photo frames are fir and pine. The corresponding photo frames on the market include rectangles, squares, circles, hearts, ovals, and other special shapes. It depends on each person's own needs to choose. After all, different people Like is not different.

Craft photo frame type four: acrylic photo frame

This is a stylish and beautiful photo frame with excellent transparency, and it is also resistant to aging and is not easy to change color and become old. Its specific gravity is less than half that of ordinary glass, and it is not easy to break, because the acrylic material has good resistance to shattering. In addition, Acrylic Picture Frame has good insulation and mechanical strength, strong corrosion-resistance to acids, alkalis, and salts, and can be changed; processing, delicate and beautiful.

Craft photo frame type five: digital photo frame

The digital photo frame is a high-end type. Although the appearance adopts the shape of an ordinary photo frame, the photo part in the middle of the original photo frame is replaced by a liquid crystal display screen, coupled with a power supply, storage medium, etc., can directly play digital photos, and can Playing photos in a loop in the same frame is more avant-garde than the previous ones.

The above is the recommendation of the more popular types of craft photo frames. I hope there will be one that everyone likes. The editor thinks that when decorating your home, you can choose a photo frame according to your personal taste and preference. Of course, you should also pay attention to the choice of the thickness of the photo frame. It must be matched with the photos, and the overall harmony is the best.

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