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Solid Wood Table's Coating and Maintenance Methods

In order to make the solid wooden table stable and not easily damaged, besides the most important drying treatment, different coating methods are also used to protect the wood and extend its service life. What are the differences between these coating methods?

Coating methods of solid wooden tables

Soap coating

Soap coating, which can completely retain the original color of the wood without gloss, is a coating method commonly used in Nordic furniture. However, furniture using this coating method has a weaker anti-staining ability, and over time, the wood will gradually turn yellow. This method is only suitable for dry areas, or for small areas of woodwork.

Oil coating

Oil coating can maintain the natural texture of the wood surface, and it is an open coating method. The surface of the wooden table board after being pushed with oil will be glossy and have anti-mold effect. However, it has little protection for maintaining the moisture content of the wood and preventing dirt, and will gradually fade away over time, requiring frequent reinforcement.

Since the moisture content of wood will be affected by changes in environmental temperature and humidity, and will expand and contract, the probability of deformation and cracking when using oil-coated wooden tables in humid environments is relatively high. The wood pores of the oil coating are unprotected, and changes in environmental humidity will directly affect the moisture content of the wood, and even liquids such as sauces and beverages are easily seeped into the table top, causing the wood to absorb water and expand, resulting in deformation, cracking or irreversible staining. This coating method is only suitable for dry areas.

Paint coating

Paint coating seals the wood pores with a layer of paint on the table top to form a protective film. This process is more complicated than the other two coating methods, and usually involves multiple layers of coating, making the surface more effective in resisting stains. Different coatings also present different gloss, colors, and wood texture.

The wooden table is processed with a closed paint finish, which can reduce the influence of temperature and humidity on the wood and maintain a fixed moisture content, so that the table top is not easily deformed or curled. After the paint coating process, dirt and stains will remain on the table top, making it easier to maintain and clean.

Maintenance of solid wooden tables

Many people often hesitate to buy solid wooden tables because of the difficulty of maintenance and cleaning. We have summarized a few key points to help you use solid wooden tables more easily and extend their service life.

Keep it dry

As mentioned earlier, the moisture content of wood will be affected by changes in temperature and humidity. The paint coating method can not only maintain the moisture content of the wood itself and prevent stains from entering, but also does not require regular oil maintenance like the oil coating method. It only needs to keep the table top as dry as possible. It is not recommended to blow the table top directly with air conditioning or heating, to avoid damaging the moisture content of the solid wood and affecting its structure.

Avoid placing overheated items

The paint-coated solid wooden table can withstand high temperatures below 100 degrees, but if hot pots and pans are placed directly on the surface, the coating may still be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to use a heat insulation pad when placing high-temperature items to extend the service life of the table.

Avoid using sharp items to scratch

The table has a paint finish for protection. If it is accidentally scratched, it will not cause damage to the table top. However, in order to preserve the natural texture of the wood grain, some tables do not have a thick layer of paint coating, so it is still recommended not to use extremely sharp items to scrape.

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