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There Are So Many Materials for Jewelry Boxes!

Beautiful jewelry is the favorite of women, but when you take out these jewelry, have you noticed their jewelry box? Thinking about it carefully, the jewelry boxes we see on weekdays seem to be similar. In fact, there are so many articles in this jewelry box, and they can be divided into several types in terms of the material of the jewelry box!

1. Paper jewelry box

At present, the cartons on the market are generally made of cardboard, wrapped with a layer of leather-filled paper, and the leather-filled paper is generally better imported from abroad. This type of box is relatively cheap, and is generally used in silver jewelry stores. It is also the jewelry box style that we have seen the most on weekdays. It is simple and generous and does not cost much money, and merchants are very willing to choose this type.

2. Flocked jewelry box

Flocking boxes are made of plastic as the main structure, and the surface is flocked, which looks more beautiful and lighter. Flocking boxes are relatively more upscale than paper boxes. Generally, it is also used for silver jewelry, gold, etc. Jewelry merchants will choose to use this kind of jewelry box, which is suitable for textured jewelry such as gold and silver jewelry.

3. Glue jewelry box

This kind of jewelry box is generally processed by injection molding and mass-produced by opening molds. Generally, the demand is tens of thousands. Most of them are flocking, and there are also papering treatments. The price of jewelry boxes made of this material is the lowest, and the grade is not very low. The current preferred choice of most jewelers.

4. Wooden jewelry box

Wooden jewelry boxes are used in relatively high-end jewelry packaging. Generally, solid wood is used as the main material and painted. Many companies use this kind of solid wood jewelry boxes to export to foreign countries. Large batches and long production cycles. This kind of jewelry box is generally used more by niche businesses, and the price of jewelry is generally not too low due to the high cost!

5. Glass jewelry box

Made of plexiglass, it is not easy to break, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion. The combination of glass jewelry box and fashion elements gives a strong sense of the times and a modern atmosphere. These boxes are generally used in high-end jewelry packaging.

The design concept was to create a sturdy and spacious jewelry box for an expanding personal collection. Tianning Wood jewelry boxes have compartments large enough to hold rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and other jewelry pieces. The linen-wrapped interior well protects your jewelry from dust, scratches, and damage, and the metal delicate handle lends a vintage look. Customized wooden jewelry box, preferably Tianning Wood!

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