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Buying Guide for Solid Wood Photo Frames

1. Material of solid wood photo frame

Nowadays, most of the real photo frames are made of pine, birch, and tussah. After processing, such as excavation, drying, and anti-moth, the pine has clear texture, moderate density and weight, and has become the first choice for solid wood photo frames. But its texture is not clear, the color tone is dark, and if the wood color is sprayed, there will be pores, so generally only color frames can be made. The frames produced by our factory are mostly pine wood.

2. The spray paint of solid wood photo frame

Spray paint is a relatively complex and highly technical process in the production of photo frames. Now it is mostly water-soluble matt paint. If this paint is produced by a regular manufacturer, it has strong stability after modulation, good color saturation, and is not easy to fade. , The difference between many manufacturers and the quality of the photo frame is in this spray painting process. Regular manufacturers generally require a minimum of two primer sprays, but many small manufacturers cannot do this at all.

3. Solid wood photo frame nails and buckles

Because the manufacturer has reduced one process and greatly improved the work efficiency, the film nail is very popular with the manufacturers, but the defects of the film nail are obvious. First of all, it is inconvenient to take photos, and then the film nail is thin and sharp and easy to scratch the fingers. That is, the photo frame with the nails cannot be completely matched with the backboard. There must be a certain gap to put the backboard in, which leads to how much movement of the backboard at the back. The most important point is that the nails have a service life. Yes, it is easy to break if it is tilted back and forth too many times. Since the manufacturer is facing tens of millions of household users, it is better to invest more labor and cost and choose the button. The manufacturer is a little troublesome, but in exchange for your convenience and safety.

4. Maintenance of solid wood photo frames

Generally speaking, no special maintenance is required, but you must pay attention not to use cleaning agents with strong acid and alkali during cleaning, and gently wipe with a soft dry cloth. The more difficult part is the gap between the photo frame and the glass. , can be cleaned with a brush.

Solid wood picture frames made of high-grade wood are basically plain facing up to the sky, with at most a layer of varnish on the surface, which is rarely seen now. After all, it is of little significance to make photo frames with precious woods such as teak and pear wood. The quality of the solid wood photo frame, in addition to the material, the workmanship is also the key. When choosing a wooden photo frame, the most important thing is to look at the corner, which is the most prone to problems, and the most afraid of the photo frame is the corner crack. Therefore, it is necessary to actively check the gaps at the corners, and it is best to see no gaps.

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