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Three Major Applications of Solid Wood Photo Frame in Wall Decoration

After completing the first step of wall decoration, the next step is to focus on details and choose suitable decoration methods to further decorate the wall and bring it to life. The following decoration methods will inspire your decoration ideas.

Solid wood photo frame in wall decoration method 1: Combination

The combination decoration method is a very simple way. The most common way is to choose a group of wall frames and paintings to achieve a beautiful decorative effect. The center of decoration can place a main painting to highlight the center and create a clear visual effect. The items around the center can be diversified. The style of the paintings can combine both Chinese and Western elements, and their sizes and arrangements do not need to be neat and orderly. It depends on personal preferences to freely combine them, but the number of combination paintings should not be too many.

Solid wood photo frame in wall decoration method 2: Dispersed

Wall decoration with dispersed photo frames or photos is also a good choice. The sizes of the frames are arranged according to the principles of geometry, both highlighting the overall effect and having the function of telling individual stories. This method is relatively modern, and the contrast and coordination of colors also form an important part of decoration. The visual center of the pattern falls on the portrait, while other pictures are interspersed in a scattered way, creating a photo wall that belongs to your family.

Solid wood photo frame in wall decoration method 3: Parallel

The decoration effect is achieved by arranging the wooden photo frames in a parallel pattern, simple and straightforward. Of course, the arrangement can be variable, either parallel or vertical, but in any case, this method implies a classical and symmetrical meaning in composition. It should be noted that the content of this kind of picture should be as relaxed and lively as possible, and the factors of freehand brushwork should be more than those of meticulous brushwork, which will unconsciously play a subversive role in the orderly decoration.

For Europeans and Americans, the demand for photo frames is high and exquisite. They generally have high requirements for the quality of photo frames. The current market demand for photo frames is good, which has brought about a booming development of the photo frame industry worldwide. The photo frame industry used to be dominated by Europe, especially Italy, but in recent years, the photo frame industry in Indonesia and Malaysia has risen, and major European and American customers have turned to these countries to buy goods.

The global market value of high-quality wooden photo frames is about US $800 million per year, especially from Italy and Spain, each supplying 30% of the total global demand. Other European countries supply 10%, the United States supplies 10%, Indonesia supplies 8%, Malaysia supplies approximately 2%, and the remaining countries supply 10%. Taiwan used to be a strong export area for photo frames, ranking among the top ten wooden frame export areas in the world.

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