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What Are the Differences Between Solid Wood Photo Frames and PS Photo Frames?

Decorative picture frames include solid wood picture frames and PS (polystyrene) picture frames, both of which have their own characteristics. When choosing a picture frame to decorate your walls, it's important to consider the specific situation of your home and your preferred decor style. This will elevate the style of your home and maximize the value of your limited budget. So, what are the differences between solid wood picture frames and PS frames? Let's take a look below.

Solid wood photo frames are made from wood materials, such as cedar, pine, oak, and other types of wood. Usually cedar, pine, and fir wood are used. Common shapes for solid wood picture frames include rectangle, square, circle, heart, ellipse, and other unique shapes. Styles include table, stand, and wall hanging.

Types of solid wood picture frames

  • Painted solid wood: the frame is cut precisely, and then a layer of plaster is applied before painting. This is commonly used for mounting calligraphy, Chinese paintings, oil paintings, etc.

  • Solid wood paint: the frame is finely polished before a coat of primer is sprayed on. Then, hand sanding is done before applying the top coat.

Characteristics of solid wood picture frames and PS frames

Characteristics of solid wood picture frames

Solid wood photo frames are popular due to their simplicity, retro style, artistic feel, and pastoral atmosphere. Moreover, they are versatile and can be used to display both personal and artistic photos, bringing a refreshing, natural feeling and allowing one to immerse in beautiful memories.

Advantages of PS frames

  • Waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-moth, and widely used.

  • Lightweight, easy for processing, transportation, and with minimal loss.

  • Small loss, wood line due to the production process is complex, prone to product quality problems, in the process of processing, do not pay attention to will cause a lot of waste.

  • Eco-friendly and able to use recycled materials. Water-resistant, heat-resistant, odor-free, does not fade or deform.

  • Various colors and styles with a short production cycle, able to maintain form and avoid mould in humid environments, including bathrooms.

  • Compared to traditional wood materials, high molecular weight frame materials boast a set of features, including appearance, wear resistance, moisture-proofing, and anti-scratch, and are easy to handle. High-molecular-weight PS frame strips are vibrant and long-lasting, with thousands of different frame types and combinations of artistic compositions.

Tianning Wood has years of experience in design and production, providing you with an integrated design scheme for solid wood photo frames, which includes information on line widths, thicknesses, colors, accessories, and packaging. This solution caters to functional use while reducing costs. With ample capacity, we only use imported wood without burrs and have imported wood certificates.

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