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Wooden Photo Frame Lines: Flower Protector for Photos

It's everyone's nature to love beauty, especially girls who love beauty more, they often take many photos and place them so that they can see them at any time. When it comes to photos, of course, they must be placed in photo frames, a good wooden frame. It can better reflect the beauty and temperament of photos, and these beautiful and atmospheric photo frames are all stitched together by wooden photo frame lines, so the beauty of the photo frame depends on the wooden photo frame lines, so where can the wooden photo frame lines be sold? Is the quality better?

1. The source of wooden frame lines

Now a large number of wooden photo frame lines are used, and we have to trace the source. We can find that the wood modification treatment process and supporting equipment should be complete. The wood will be cooked at a high temperature of 100 degrees Celsius for several days to destroy the wood fiber and reduce the resin in the wood. Then the cooked wood is baked in a drying room for about 30 days to reduce the moisture content of the wood to about 10%. The dried wood is placed in a designated special warehouse and stored naturally for about 30 days to balance the moisture content of the wood to ensure that the produced wood lines are smooth, non-deformed, accurate in size, and bright and uniform in color.

2. The wooden frame lines give the vision a brilliant color

Frame wood products are mainly used in: framed cross-stitch borders, frame borders, photo frame borders, picture frame borders, Chinese painting borders, oil painting borders, calligraphy and painting borders, barber shop mirror borders, business license borders, etc. Mounting with this line can better bring out the beauty of photos and cross stitches, and increase people's visual effects!

(1) The wooden photo frame lines are sturdy and durable, the wood material is not easy to be deformed, and the sound insulation, heat preservation and flame retardant effect are good.

(2) The surface of the wooden photo frame line product is processed by thermal transfer printing or environmental protection paint, and does not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

(3) Fashionable and personalized design, sold together with decorative lines, window covers, etc., to meet the overall decoration needs.

(4) The wooden frame lines are corrosion-resistant, and the wood powder is wrapped by polymer materials, so that the wood has good acidity and alkalinity, because the frame lines are corrosion-resistant.

Creative wooden photo frame lines, smooth lines are recklessly revealed in every detail, plus creative wall stickers, reflecting an attitude and a pursuit of modern people's life, fresh, smart, petty bourgeoisie, IKEA, your beauty family needs its embellishment. The creative photo frame lines show a fashionable atmosphere, black and white classic collocation, high-end, very suitable for the atmosphere of the current city. Everyone has an attitude towards life, a reflection of elegance and comfort, a taste of life, permeating the perception and understanding of life and life.

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