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Installation Method and Maintenance of Wooden Dining Chair

The more you pay attention to the taste when choosing dining chairs, dining chairs made of different materials will have different decorative effects in the decoration. More people begin to like the beauty of the original ecology. The reason why they like wooden dining chairs is that it is healthier to be close to nature and eat It feels as if you are breathing natural air. The installation of wooden dining chairs requires technology, and only the correct method can ensure the beauty and firmness of the installation.

1. Installation of wooden dining chairs

First of all, you can buy your favorite dining chair in the store that sells furniture, and then ask the installer to come to install the service, so that you can avoid the dilemma that you will not install it yourself. Just need to pay attention that when transporting wooden dining chairs, you need to wrap the corners of the dining chairs with anti-friction foam, so that there will be no damage in use, which is good for both buyers and sellers. When installing, the decorator can install it according to the installation steps in the manual, and it needs to be fixed with special screws. During the installation process, the strength must be consistent, because the wooden dining chair will be damaged if it is too strong.

2. Characteristics of wooden dining chairs

Wood is a healthy product of nature. Naturalness is the biggest feature of wooden dining chairs. The natural wood grain looks more natural, and the color has not been overly decorated, and it will not be wrapped by external chemicals. It emits those toxic carbon dioxide and is healthier when eating. However, the wooden dining chair cannot be directly exposed to the light, and the position cannot be placed in a place where the sun is hot. .

3. Maintenance of wooden dining chairs

(1) To maintain the cleanliness of the tabletop of the wooden dining chair, you can wipe it with a soft cloth before and after each meal to keep the dining chair clean, so that there will be no erosion of the tabletop by moisture and oil; Be gentle, don't use too much force to hurt the dining chair.

(2) Solid wood is most afraid of scratches by hard objects. The legs of dining chairs should avoid scratches when cleaning. When time permits, you can wax the dining chairs once during cleaning, and use the effect of wax to clean the dining chairs. Adds shine to dining chairs.

(3) The room should be kept dry and ventilated, so that the wooden dining chair will not be deformed due to the humidity in the room, which can prolong the service time of the dining chair.

(4) Keep away from all heat sources and corrosion sources. Overheating may cause the possibility of fire, and corrosion is the reason that affects the aesthetics the most.

It can be seen that tthe wooden chair is classic and elegent. If you are excited, you can go to the nearest furniture store to do a field trip, there will definitely be something that will make you feel excited.

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