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Size and Type of Solid Wood Nightstands

The bed bedside table is mainly placed on both sides of the bedside. It belongs to a small vertical cabinet that can accommodate some sundries. Because the furnishings of the bed bedside table also play a good decorative role and use effect in home decoration, there are many brands of nightstands, and the products produced by different brands, their styles, and the materials used are all different. Compared with the solid wood bed bedside table, its sales volume is better.

1. Introduction to the size of solid wood bed bedside table

According to the national standard, the size of solid wood bed bedside table should be minimum 400*350*500mm (length*width*height), maximum 600*450*700mm (length*width*height), which is the most suitable bed bedside table after scientific testing Size range. The modern solid wood nightstands commonly seen in the market are generally 580*415*490mm, 600*400*600mm, 600*400*400mm and so on. This type of solid wood bed bedside table is suitable for 1.5*2m or 1.8*2m beds.

When you use the bed bedside table daily, you must also pay attention to the relevant maintenance skills, such as waxing the bed bedside table regularly, so as to ensure its gloss and prolong its service life. When choosing to buy a bed bedside table, you must first check whether the product is delicate and the texture is clear. In addition, you must buy according to the size you need. It is recommended that you choose a regular manufacturer and a reliable brand to buy.

2. Types of solid wood nightstands

(1) Single and double drawer bed bedside table

The storage capacity of the single and double drawer bed nightstand is very good, and it can be turned into a small TV cabinet according to actual requirements.

(2) Removable drawer bed nightstand

The removable drawer bed nightstand is very convenient to use and has casters to put items that are frequently used on it.

(3) Open

The open bed nightstand is the first choice of many people, it is more practical and beautiful than the traditional square bed nightstand.

(4) Coffee table bed nightstand

The coffee bed nightstand is very flexible and compact. The bottom layer of the coffee table can also be pushed to the bottom of the bed, and the upper layer is just parallel to the bed, which is very practical.

(5) Package type

It belongs to a combined bed nightstand, which is very atmospheric and fashionable on the bedside, and is very suitable for placing in a classical-style room.

The bed nightstand is indispensable in the bedroom, but not all the materials used in the bed nightstand are solid wood. Of course, the height of the bed nightstand will vary depending on the height of the bed edge. No matter what kind of bed nightstand is, the height of the bed nightstand and the size of the bed nightstand must be designed according to mechanical principles and ergonomics, and at the same time considering the matching with the style of the room and the bed, and also to meet the needs of people.

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