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How to better maintain wedding photo frame?

Wedding photos are a lifetime of memories and in order to preserve these memories, they are usually framed and placed in a corner of the home. Therefore, it is important to choose a good frame and it is equally important to maintain your wedding photo frame. How to take better care of your wedding photo frame? Tannin tells you!

1, wedding photo frame preservation location

Home decorations wedding photo frame preservation location is actually a certain degree of care, can not be placed at random. Wedding photo preservation location do not direct sunlight, over time, the photo is easy to discoloration, of course, wet places are not suitable, photos are paper products, in a wet place for a long time, it is easy to wrinkle. If your home is really humid, it is advisable to put some food desiccant next to it. In addition, do not press the bottom of the box, so that it loses its own decorative function, it is also not good for the photo frame.

2, the appreciation of the wedding photo frame

Wedding photos to take home, inevitably will be more ornamental a few eyes, relatives and friends come to visit, will also be curious to see. When looking, family photo frame should be lightly held and placed to prevent wear and tear, so as not to affect the beauty and value of the entire wedding photo frame.

3, wedding photo frame placement

Some wedding photo frames are relatively large, try not to put the bedside position, so as not to fall down and hurt people, you can hang in other positions on the wall, the bottom has a support, of course, as far as possible, choose PS photo frames and other plastic photo frames, not only beautiful, and lightweight.

4, wedding photo frames in water treatment and maintenance

If the frame is accidentally wet with water, it should be dried immediately to prevent infiltration into the photos. The frame is dirty, you can use a wetter rag to wipe, as long as you prevent water immersion can be.

When choosing a wedding frame, the tone must be in harmony with the tone of the photo itself. For example: white wedding photos should not choose a dark tone frame, if it is a classical style wedding photos, choose a light tone frame, will also look strange; in addition to the wedding photos, wedding photo frame should also be reflected with the interior decoration style. Therefore, the wedding photo frame can be determined in the home decor style to choose, especially the larger size of the frame, pay special attention to coordination with the interior style, so as not to affect the visual effect of the room; wedding photo frame also with the size of the residential area to determine, if the indoor space is narrow, it is not suitable for hanging large size photo frame, that will look more abrupt, on the contrary, small photo frame will be better, let people feel warm.

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