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Several ways to attach a wooden picture frame to a wall

New home decoration is completed, due to the wall, nail material differences, there are often walls too hard, nails bent, but still not nailed into the wall; wall putty and stucco layer is too soft, nails nailed into the wall skin off the situation, today to tell you the natural wood photo frame fixed several methods.

1, wooden photo frame using non-marking hooks fixed on the wall

There is a way to use a non-marking hook, there are two kinds of hooks, more commonly used is a nail, the head of this hook has four very small steel nails, do not want, as long as the plastic parts removed on it, steel nails can be hit inside the wall, the outside is almost invisible traces. There is also a type of hook that is taped to the wall, commonly known as the "3M non-marking hook", which, unlike ordinary hooks stuck to the wall, does not leave a mark on the wall when removed. If the room has a ceiling, you can hang a thin wire from the ceiling for hanging photos or paintings, as is generally done in art galleries.

2. Use double-sided tape to fix wooden frames to the wall

If your wooden photo frame is not a large volume and quality, then you can use double-sided tape to fix the wooden frame on the wall, using the method is, the double-sided tape side of the back of the wooden frame, after adjusting the position on the wall, directly press the wooden frame on the wall can be, pay attention to the use of good cleaning before the wall.

3、Wooden photo frame fixed on the wall using strong adhesive

Powerful glue is also suitable for the volume and quality of the original wooden photo frame is not large, the use of the method is the first strong glue applied to the back of the wooden photo frame, and then directly to the wall on it, pay attention to the strong glue can not touch the eyes and mouth, contact immediately with a lot of water to rinse, also not suitable for children to contact.

4、Wooden photo frames fixed to the wall using foam rubber

Foam rubber is a common commodity and can be purchased in general shops and supermarkets. Sponge rubber is suitable for various soft materials self-adhesive and inter-adhesive with hard materials. Such as foam, sponge, leather, PVC soft material, KT board, plastic film, soft fibre, etc. and hard materials: iron, aluminium, organic board, glass, wood, stone, tiles, etc. interbonding, suitable for decoration and advertising companies steel structure project and office supplies blackboard use.

Compared to synthetic polymeric wood, natural wood has a unique multi-level cellular structure. Solid cherry, ash, maple and walnut frames add natural beauty to your photos. Buy raw wood picture frames, preferably from TENA!

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