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Simple Solid Wood Photo Frames: Recording the Story of Time

Solid wood photo frames are also called wooden photo frames and wooden photo frames, that is, photo frames made of wood as raw materials. Common fir, pine, oak, paulownia, oak and so on. The most commonly used are fir; pine and catalpa. The material used is determined according to the grade of the photo frame. For example, catalpa wood is often used in the painting and calligraphy exhibition. Common ones are rectangles, squares, circles, hearts, ovals and other special shapes. The most common is the rectangle. Common are desktop, vertical, hanging, and the most common is a small desktop.

1. The material of solid wood photo frames

The solid wood photo frame is made of solid wood without any doping with other materials. The method to check whether it is solid wood is generally to look at the back of the photo frame, and you can see the characteristics of the log. If it is the color of the log, you can see the characteristics of the solid wood from all sides. The characteristics of wood are that it has clear texture and black spots. The material of a good photo frame is to preserve the texture of the log and then remove the black spots. This is a good photo frame material. This is why the cost of solid wood photo frames is much higher than that of ordinary plastic photo frames. However, this cannot be judged as a good material, and the moisture content of wood is also very important, because it involves the service life of the photo frame. Wood with high moisture content is generally prone to deformation and insects, and the moisture content of less than 12% is the export standard. This is not the case only with fumigated wood. If your photo frame has cracks or corner seams, it will seriously affect the life of the photo frame.

2. The maintenance method of solid wood photo frame

(1) The photo frame should be handled with care to avoid collision or extrusion.

(2) Avoid exposure to sunlight and also avoid placing it in a humid place.

(3) When there is dust or dirt on the surface, do not wipe it with a wet cloth to prevent moisture from immersing in the wooden frame.

3. Simple design of solid wood photo frame

The simple design of the solid wood photo frame is full of freedom and comfort from nature; the elegant colors make the function and artistic aesthetics perfectly fit; the natural warmth and emotional distance are shortened. Right-angled bevel, without any decoration, the thick frame brought by the thick frame. This rustic solid wood photo frame tells the story of time.

The simple solid wood photo frame is made of high-quality pine without scars, and the wood is tight and not easy to crack. After meticulous manual polishing, the solid, pure and fresh wood is 100% presented. Wood is a living material, you can feel the traces of the years in solid wood. Add photos or decorative paintings to the solid wood photo frame and spread the warmth. In a space with a solid wood photo frame, you can always feel comfortable, warm and relaxed involuntarily.

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