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Five Tips on Solid Wood Dining Table Maintenance

The material used for the wooden dining table is not reprocessed, it is very natural, and there is no composition of wood-based panels. After we buy a solid wood dining table, we need to maintain the solid wood dining table. Such expensive furniture, certainly no one would like it to age quickly. Here are some maintenance methods for solid wood dining tables to keep your modern wood dining table looking like new.

1. Modern wooden dining table is safe, fashionable and environmentally friendly

Compared with furniture made of any other material, solid wood furniture is more secure for consumers to use, especially in terms of environmental protection. Solid wood materials are safer, so consumers buy more, among which solid wood dining tables are purchased. The amount is the largest. Compared with some special countertops such as marble, solid wood furniture lasts longer, and the color will become more charming with the length of time. Especially for families with large living room areas, solid wood materials are used. The dining table looks more classy. This is the advantage of solid wood dining table, and the texture of solid wood furniture is softer and more natural, it looks like a retro fashion, and will not be eliminated by modern fashion, the most important thing is to choose a modern wood dining table of this material, which is environmentally friendly It is not only a very practical piece of furniture, but also a very fashionable material. Compared with some other dining tables, whether the solid wood dining table is good or not is verified by consumers, and it is not easy to break. With the increase of time, the visual effect of the solid wood dining table will be more charming. Whether it is a modern decoration style or a more traditional decoration style, a solid wood dining table is the best choice.

2. Maintenance methods of modern wooden dining table

(1) The position of the solid wood dining table indoors should be far away from the door, window, tuyere and other parts with strong air flow, and should not be exposed to sunlight.

(2) The modern wooden dining table should not be placed near the heater in winter, and the indoor temperature should not be overheated. Generally, it is advisable for people to wear sweaters indoors to feel comfortable; when summer comes, it is necessary to frequently turn on the air conditioner to remove moisture, reduce the moisture absorption and expansion of wood, and avoid tenon and mortise. Structural parts are swollen and deformed to open seams.

(3) To keep the solid wood dining table tidy, clean the dust with a clean gauze daily. Chemical brighteners should not be used to avoid stickiness and damage to the paint film. In order to maintain the brightness of the table paint film, the walnuts can be crushed, peeled, and then polished with three layers of gauze.

(4) Dust is actually a kind of abrasive particles. When wiping the dust, use a soft cotton cloth to rub it back and forth along the wood grain. If you use a hard dry cloth to wipe the paint surface, it will cause scratches on the paint surface and make it lose its luster.

(5) Waxing on the furniture can be done every six months or a year, which is helpful to protect the solid wood dining table. If you move the solid wood dining table, you should lift the dining table, do not drag it, so as not to loosen the overall structure of the dining table.

To keep the modern wooden dining table neat and tidy, you should always use a clean soft cloth to wipe the dust. Never use chemical brighteners to avoid stickiness and damage to the paint film on the surface of the table. In order to maintain the brightness of the table paint film, and if there is no better way, you can crush and peel the walnuts, and then use three layers of gauze to remove oil and polish. This is a very effective way to maintain solid wood dining tables, you can try it.

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