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Do You Know the Three Types of Wooden Dining Tables?

Compared with furniture made of other materials, solid wood furniture is more secure for consumers to use, especially in terms of environmental protection, solid wood materials are safer, so consumers buy more, among which wooden dining tables The purchase volume is the largest. Compared with some special countertops such as marble, solid wood furniture lasts longer, and the color will become more charming with the length of time, especially for families with a large living room area, choose solid wood The dining table of materials looks more classy.

The dining table is one of the furniture items in our family dining room. Today I want to explain to you the wooden dining table. But there are still many types of wooden dining tables, what are the specific ones? And how to choose a wooden dining table? See below.

Ⅰ. Introduction to the types of wooden dining tables

1. Pastoral style

This is a solid wood dining table and chairs in Korean pastoral style. The side of the table is hollowed out, which is warm, romantic and elegant. The production pays attention to the perfection and delicacy of every detail. The four corners of the table are very firm. The beauty of time and space.

2. Chinese style

The Chinese-style solid wood dining table and chairs are novel in style. The dining table can be extended or shortened according to the needs. There is a small table under the table for placing tableware. Manufactured to ensure product durability.

3. European style

The European-style wood dinning room table is mainly ivory white, with gorgeous flower decorations, pursuing the integration of soul and nature, noble and elegant, rounded corners, exquisite craftsmanship, smooth and delicate board, armchair, warm and sweet, it is your ideal Home options.

Ⅱ. The identification of the quality of the wooden dining table

There will inevitably be some scars in the growth process of trees, and the texture of solid wood will be clearer. Sometimes there are scars on the dining table, then look at the back of the dining table. If the two scars can be matched, it proves that it is real solid wood furniture. . A dining table that is not solid wood will be smoother in appearance than a solid wood dining table, without any flaws. You can also judge according to the price. If it is solid wood, the price is generally higher, while the price of veneer is relatively low. You can ask the salesperson, and they will usually tell you the truth. The selection of solid wood furniture should first check whether the structure is firm, which can be tested by longitudinal pushing with force, hand pressing, etc. The surface treatment should be observed from details such as joints and back bends, whether the joints are tight and consistent with the front.

The texture of solid wood furniture is softer and more natural, it looks like a retro fashion, and it will not be eliminated by modern fashion. The most important thing is to choose the solid wood dining table of this material, which is very environmentally friendly and not only very practical A kind of furniture is also a very fashionable material. Compared with some other dining tables, whether the solid wood dining table is good or not is verified by consumers, and it is not easy to break. With the increase of time, the visual effect of the all-wood dinning table will be more charming.

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