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What Are the Advantages of Wooden Jewelry Boxes? What Are the Precautions for Buying It?

Nowadays, there are many kinds of jewelry box materials on the market, such as paper, PU, leather, wood, etc., each with its own advantages. Today, let's take a look at the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes and what to pay attention to when buying wooden jewelry boxes, hoping to help everyone.

1. What are the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes?

(1) Wood can inhibit chemical changes

Whether it is paper jewelry boxes that are easy to dissolve, or PU and leather ones that are easy to break, they are not as strong and sturdy as wood. Especially when placing high-end jewelry, the wooden jewelry box is not easy to produce chemical changes, which is very suitable for the storage of fine products. This is the basic performance of the jewelry box to preserve the fine products. Based on this, it is already much better than the jewelry box of other materials.

(2) The appearance of wood has great plasticity

On the unwrapped wooden jewelry box, you can directly engrave, color spray, and customize the pattern on the surface, which is very suitable for decoration at home. In addition to the basic performance, the decorative performance of the jewelry box will add an artistic design to the corner of everyone's home.


(3) The wood wrapping material is more graded

Paper, PU, etc. do not need to be wrapped in leather, which reduces the plasticity of the appearance of the jewelry box, and it is difficult to meet the personalized customization of customers. The wooden jewelry box has a three-dimensional and stable structure and is matched with leather materials such as PU, flannel, cardboard, etc, which highlights the design concept of high-quality products and is conducive to enhancing the fashion taste.

(4) There are various types of wood consumables, which are suitable for different market cost-effectiveness needs

The jewelry box made of the three-layer board is light in texture and has certain advantages of a wooden jewelry box, but its waterproofness is weaker than other materials. The jewelry box made of MDF is the most cost-effective, lighter in texture, and has the advantages of solid wood, and the price is lower than that of solid wood. Solid wood jewelry box is more inclined to high-end fashion boutique gift box packaging, the cost is higher, such as oak jewelry box, but the overall texture is superior. No matter what kind of wood it is, there is a corresponding demand market, which is the advantage of wooden jewelry boxes.


The above are the advantages of the wooden jewelry box shared by the editor. You can understand it, I believe it will be of some help, and then learn together what to pay attention to when buying a wooden jewelry box.

2. What are the precautions for buying wooden jewelry boxes?

(1) The material of the wooden jewelry box affects the price and quality. Ordinary jewelry boxes are made of beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa, rubber wood, and oak. The precious jewelry boxes are mainly made of rosewood, wenge, and rosewood.

(2) Open the box and drawer of the wooden jewelry box, and observe whether the wood is dry and whether the texture is tight and delicate, so as to judge the quality of the wood. The main stress-bearing parts of the jewelry box, such as columns and load-bearing bars near the ground between the columns, should not have large knots or cracks. The structure is firm, the frame must not be loose, and material breakage is not allowed.

(3) Look at the wood grain and knots to judge whether the wooden jewelry box is made of solid wood. In addition, looking at the knots on the wood is also a good way to identify solid wood. There are knots on one side and then look for corresponding scars on the other side.

The above is about the advantages of wooden jewelry boxes and what to pay attention to when buying wooden jewelry boxes. You can read the above articles in detail, learn more about jewelry boxes, and choose the most suitable jewelry box to maintain your precious jewelry.

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